Your ultimate Fashion Jewellery guide

Fashion jewellery, also known as Imitation or Costume jewellery is considered as a stylish and funky designer or non-designer jewellery that is adorned by women from all walks of life. Trendy imitation jewellery never fails to impress women around the world. Nowadays women prefer fashion jewellery over fine jewellery because they are an affordable solution which can go well with any kind of outfit. It provides the final touch to a woman's look to make it complete. Therefore we can say that— Accessories are the exclamation point of women's outfit.

Fashion or costume jewellery has been a part of the culture for almost 300 years. During the 18th century, jewellers began making pieces with inexpensive glass. In the 19th-century fashion jewellery made up of semi-precious materials came in the market. But the real golden area of costume jewellery began in the middle of the 20th century. The new middle class wanted creative, beautiful but economical jewellery. This jewellery was also made popular by various designers in the mid 20th century. A significant factor in the popularization of costume jewellery were Hollywood movies. The leading female stars of the 1940s and 50s often wore and endorsed pieces produced by a range of designers.

Fashion jewellery is made up of non-precious metals or it contains semi-precious stones that include a range of decorative items worn for personal adornment. They mostly come in bright and bold colours. These jewellery are more prone to wear and tear. According to fashion trends, the trend of jewellery keeps changing every season. Fashion jewellery typically strives to make a fashion statement, sometimes as a stand-alone piece, an accentuating item or as a complement to the daily wardrobe.

Here are some of the best-known destinations to buy your next fashion jewellery:

1. Art Karat: They have designer collections with hallmark and new designs.

Picture Courtesy: Art Karat

2. Voylla: They offer ever-stylish jewellery for men and women. They have a fantastic range of gold plated jewellery.

Picture Courtesy: Voylla

3. Sukkhi: It is one of the most trusted fashion jewellery brands, has exclusive designs, at a reasonable price.

Picture Courtesy: Sukkhi

4. Kushal's: They emphasise on quality, have an exchange policy, no-hassle shipping and delivery are also there.

Picture Courtesy: Kaushal's

5. Azilaa: It is an exquisite antique designer jewellery brand that makes beautifully crafted handmade gemstone studded jewellery for today's modern women.

Picture Courtesy: Azilaa

With fashion jewellery, you can customize the designs according to your own taste. So make sure you do try these.


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