Violation of Social distancing

India first learned about social distancing on 25th of March, 2020 when Prime Minister Modi during his speech stood infront of camera with a poster saying:

को - कोई

रो - रोड पर

ना- ना निकले

Picture Courtesy: The Finacial Express

But did India really understand what it meant and what importance does it hold during this time of crisis?

We got our answers when we got to know about the devotees gathered for religious events or about some politician's son organising birthday and anniversary parties. Migrant workers from Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan , Mumbai gathering around bus stations in a large number to reach home.

Bapuji Market of Odisha and Kurla Market of Mumbai being shut down due to violation of social distancing. People rushing to buy alcohol as soon as government announced about liquor shop being opened was other level of violation of social distancing.

Corona Virus is a dreadful disease which can spread through sneezing and direct or indirect contact too.

So wearing a mask is important , maintaining atleast 6 feet distance from everyone.

Person having corona can show absolutely no symptoms for several days and cause enough damage before being actually diagnosed and India crossing 1 lakh mark despite the lockdown is a proof of it.

Picture Courtesy: The Weather Channel

Maintain distance, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, change your clothes and take a bath as soon as you come from outside.

And most importantly

Stay safe, Stay home.

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