Two BJP Leaders Thrash Each Other With Shoes In Fight For Credit

LUCKNOW: Hurling the foulest of unprintable maltreatment, two BJP administrators from Uttar Pradesh battled each other with clench hands and shoes at an official gathering on Wednesday in a case of chose agents carrying on in a way most unbecoming of their office.

The occurrence occurred in Uttar Pradesh's Sant Kabir Nagar, around 200 km from capital Lucknow, in full general visibility and within the sight of writers. The gathering was a District Coordination Meeting, where top open authorities assemble to survey advancement ventures and other work in the region.

BJP MP Sharad Tripathi (left) and BJP MLA Rakesh Baghel.

The battle broke out after a seething BJP Member of Parliament Sharad Tripathi, who speaks to the area, inquired as to why his name was excluded on the establishment stone for a nearby street. Rakesh Baghel, one of the MLAs from the area, said it was his choice.

The contention at that point immediately degenerated into obscenities with Mr Baghel challenging his rival to make the inquiries "to his shoe".

What pursued was total disorder with Mr Tripathi slamming the other with his shoe and Mr Baghel reacting in kind too.

At last, cops going to the gathering needed to mediate to end the battle. Till the very end of the video, the two legislators can be heard mishandling and abusing one another.

Afterward, Mr Baghel and countless supporters dissented outside the area justice's office requesting Mr Tripathi's capture.

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Addressing news organization ANI, Mr Tripathi stated, "I lament the episode and feel awful about it, what happened was against my ordinary conduct. It's a response because of activity and I did it in self-preservation. In the event that I am gathered by state boss, at that point will put my point over."

Sharad Tripathi, 47, is the Member of Parliament from Sant Kabir Nagar. He has a verified Twitter profile whose bio peruses "NATION ALWAYS COMES FIRST".

Rakesh Singh Baghel, 52, is the Vidhan Sabha Member from

and is related with the "Hindu Yuva Vahini", the conservative gathering established by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, scandalous for occurrences of good policing and assaults on minorities.


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