Treatment approach for COVID-19

Corona viruses are a large family of viruses that are known to cause MERS( Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS( Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

This a Novel Corona Virus, which means it is a new virus and complete information about it is still under research. Under latest studies, it was declared that it is a droplet disease( spreading through saliva/mucus droplet when you cough/sneeze) and not air-borne disease( can't be spread via air).

How does this virus attack our body?

Corona virus(a.k.a SARS COV2) has a layer of S glycoprotein on it's outer membrane (which can be removed by soaps and detergents).

When this enters our body, the S-glycoprotein latch onto the ACE2 receptor (already present on epithelial cells of lungs of human)

They form a lock and key structure, S-glycoprotein (key) and ACE2 receptor (lock) which cause damage to lung cells.

Symptoms of disease :

Fever, Dyspnea (Shortness of breath), Dry cough , fatigue

Myalgia ( muscle pain),

Mild or severe Pneumonia,ARDS

Treatment Approach :


HCQ (hydrochloroquine) along with zinc

Zinc helps inhibiting the enzyme replicase( replicase helps on replicating the virus inside body)

HCQ is zinc ionophore which helps zinc to get absorbed in our body.

Plasma therapy

The plasma is separated from blood of person who has recovered from Covid-19 as their blood already have developed antibodies specific to SARS COV2.

Our main goal is to collect antibodies specific to SARS COV2 so that it helps fighting the affected patient which has not yet developed antibodies to help them fight.

This therapy is given to specifically critical patients.

Newly diagnosed patient's immune is not in full potential for it.

When is patient discharged?

Discharging criteria is based on following protocols:

The symptoms have reduced visibily.

Nucleic acid test is negative

Tested negative once within 24 hours interval after recovery.

Recovered patient can't be an active carrier of virus but can be infected be newly mutated L type virus.

Last but not the least. Prevention is better than cure.

Washing your hands with soap and detergents will kill the s-glycoprotein.

Keep washing your hands and Stay safe.


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