The Skin of Privilege

I wish I could say it is profound, but it's not. It is skin― shallow and thin.

Growing up many of us believed there is only one white for the world― The Colonial white, the one that ruled over subcontinents for centuries. Until now, that we know white has its shades, it has a history and ancestry that divides them all over the world. But you know what is still not updated? The White conception of Blacks, that yes it has shades too and a genial history that comes along with any line of existence. They take anything that is non-white as the wretched black that is meant to rule over and exploit. Their orthodoxy has not changed, let alone their white supremacy over having a lighter skin for mere pigmentation due to geographical reasons. Or shall we use a more suiting-more trending word 'privilege'.

In case you missed it, here is what happened before BLM (Black Lives Matter) took form of a massive Anti-Racist movement across the United States of America. On May 25, Minneapolis police officers arrested George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, on the suspection of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. One out of the four white officers, violently pinned down and knelt over Floyd's neck and choked him to death.

Picture Courtesy: New York Times

George Floyd lost his life because the law enforcement in America is a group of racists. Or is it because the law enforcement in America is a group of racists?―(Not a typo). While the movement has gained a major support from the oppressor white community by them standing up next to their fellow yet undervalued black countrymen. The deep-seated privilege still comes up with a number of excuses for racism. However, there is only one― BIGOTRY. An uncombative bigotry of lighter-superior skin and thus, of race. And if anyone comes up with a better excuse, it is still Bigotry in its extremely suger coated sense.

From suffocation and fleeting breaths, from silence and obscure voices, Black Lives Matter has formed and amalgamated millions of Americans into a singular colour― The colour of change. A highway from the road of racism and inequality. There is absolutely nothing special about BLM. It is basic, as basic as demanding equal rights to live safely in one's own country.

In the context of present day scenario, White people all over the world must have a say on the subject, that is what we hope. America collectively shouts for it meanwhile some are rolling their eyes in India at BLM because apparently we have our own problems and conflicts bigger than a racial murder in a far off land.

Picture Courtesy: Twitter

We talk about the white privilege? Yes, it is there playing it's sincere part in hampering the removal of hatred but What about 'the living in a totally different part of world to ever come across blacks enough to sympathize with them privilege'. Well apparently, it is a thing. If someone does not acknowledge the privilege of it, chances are they have it. If someone is putting off the research to look for more information and knowledge on the subject and are afraid to educate themselves, that is what the skin of privilege looks like.

We cannot say America is just being America and turn our eyes away from the awful monstrosity. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" That is Martin Luther King Jr. Right now is the time we had been waiting for to vocalize the neglected and often suppressed voices on racial injustice, be it in form of colour or religion or region.

If anyone thinks George Floyd is the first of his kind and his demise is based upon American prejudices of racism, look around and actually try to convince yourself, if India is any different from America as far racism and bigotry is concerned. Hatred and Injustice has no variety nor nationality. It's all same and relative in a White killing a Black or a north eastern's fatal torments in India.

Picture Courtesy: YouTube

Let us for a moment stop derailing from BLM just because it's not born in India. Let's not act like racism is exclusively an American thing so that we can accept that we have our own versions of racism plus castism plus ten more bigotry divisions. So we support Black Lives Matter because we support a healthy humanitarian society on earth and not because the millions of black lives are in any way owing it to us. In retrospect, we owe this to humanity and the next generations to come. As we hold the gate for our future generations, we must not let the leech of racism pass through it.

We acknowledge the previous generation's failure in guarding us against it all. Our adults failed us, it does not necessarily mean we have to remain a passive product of our elder generations. Let it all affect you and purge you so you never make such position that Blacks hold today and did for so many miserable years. Certainly, it's not the colour that somebody hates but what the people attribute to them.

Let not any hatred seep into your skin, and if it ever does, let it shed. Let us skin the hate and not hate the skin. Black Lives Matter, say it out loud, and let it sink until the privileged party realize how basic this warcry is. Until they realize that basic is unnegotiable.


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