The Queens don't need a King!

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What if Snow White would have loved the idea of seven men doing her chores? What if Cinderella had some attitude problems? And Sleeping Beauty didn't want to wake up to a true love's kiss? What if I tell you that damage doesn't define you and the way you cope up is no one's business because not all girls are made up of sugar, some are about terrible tempests and savage storms. When we compare the classic tales of magic to modernist tales of retribution, we see the difference the decades have made on the idea of " Happily Ever After."

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Fairytales have the patriarchal status of making female seem to have an inevitable fate , driven by romantic desires. The tales riddled with prejudice and obsolete stereotypes trying to feed the idea of manliness and a deceptive quest of true love . In the age where girls are breaking the patriarchal domain , these story lines depict that finding the one is the "only" goal of a girl's life even modern tales like Shrek and Stardust follow the footsteps.

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In the era where all body types are embraced and all complexions are flaunted , portrayal of princesses in the perfect Barbie doll physical standards  making beautiful and fairness synonymous. Such alluring fantasies veneer the heroine's inability to take ownership and taking care of themselves reliant on being rescued by their Mr.Right.

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Little girls should have strong, ferocious characters to look up to, in their impressionable age. Like the two sisters Elsa and Anna showing their bravery and escaping society's expectations and being their true selves, Maleficent's  way of teaching about wars and life's terrible lies, Merida being 'Brave' enough to shoot for her own hand breaking the tradition of marriage because she had got it all. Belle who wanted more than just her provential life, broke the stereotypes and was a well-educated women who rejected Gaston's proposal and antifeminist tendencies. Elastigirl proving she is as strong and 'incredible' as men when she said "Leave the  saving of the world to the men ? I don't think so."

And when Jasmine said, " I 'm not a prize to be won" and rejected traditional standards , Mulan who defied gender stereotypes and proved that women deserve the same respect as men. Rapunzel's 'tangled' life where she took her hair and a frying pan - the two typical symbols of womanhood and transfigured it into power. Moana's quest of finding herself instead of finding someone, her journey depicting hard work and determination even risking her life for the people she loved. They say what's a queen without a king but Mia Thermoporis' killer speech about ruling Genovia without a king totally defied it.

They should rather look up to Judy Hopps of ' Zootopia' and elude the roles society has made up for them and save the day combatting other cultural issues or be like Giselle from her 'Enchanted' world-saving Robert and proving that always prince ain't the one who saves the princess.

The damsels are not so in distress anymore, they're made up of flawlessness, fearlessness and bravery. These are the princesses' who don't wait for her knight in shining armour to save the show but believe in leading the show.

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Lastly, don't wait to be rescued by someone rather take destiny in your hands and battle your dragons and enemies. Be ferocious, be genuine.

Stand up for yourself and embrace your flaws.


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