The importance of Mental Health

Nothing is as wonderful and complex as the human brain. Weighing around three pounds, on average, this spongy mass of fats and proteins constitute our life. It helps us to perceive, think, try and understand the whole world around us.

Given the vitality of the brain to human health, its malfunctions should get its due priority as well, and for this we have to separate the stigma and the shame that comes hand in hand with it. Because it's high time that we leave all the shame and treat it the same way one treats the physical ailments.

Mental illness constitutes for around 1/6th of all health-related disorders and India accounts for nearly 15% of the global mental, neurological and substance abuse disorder.

According to the 2017 Lancet data, around 197.3 million people have mental disorders in India, including 45.7 million with depressive disorders and 4.9 million with anxiety disorders.

About 900,000 people die by suicide worldwide and out of this 135,000 that is about 17% are residents of India, a nation with 17.5 % of the world population.(source: Wikipedia)

The treatment of mental illness, especially in India, takes a backseat because we think it will be fine, we just need to eat good and travel to some new place and the disorder of emotion, thinking and behavior is just a reflection of poor life choices and weakness, one must toughen up. Also, the common notion around us is,

"But you don't look depressed.."

We must realize, mental health doesn't have to do anything with anyone's physical appearance. One might have the brightest smile but maybe they didn't eat and try to kill themselves by slitting their wrist, last night. That's their depression murdering them. They might look like they have their life sorted but maybe they have major anxiety and they may freak out before a simple exam which they can ace easily and that's their anxiety pulling them down. You may make it a fancy term "Monica clean" but when they clean the same plate thousand time over, it's their OCD which has full control over them.

When they find solace more with their imaginary friend and mumble to themselves it's not paranormal, it's the ghost of schizophrenia scaring them off.

So, please don't dismiss it as you just want attention, you are just overthinking. All of us have to act about it and encourage others as well. Promote "Mental Health Awareness" in your family, community and society because this society is just me, you and us. Strike the stigma off and just live and let live.

We at TDI Entertainments, in the coming weeks, will try to take up all possible mental health issues to educate and aware you.

If you or anyone you know is facing any difficulties processing your thoughts please reach out to people with resources to help you and heal you :

Aasra Foundation

Or call at 9820466726

Also, here's a list of all the consolidated therapists , helpline numbers and apps to help you.


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