Romance with nature- Indian borage

Ready for a romantic date with nature. Trust me there will be no heartbreak because nature has healing power. Romancing with nature is as magical as falling in love with yourself. We know our life revolves around nature but we fail to connect with it. Remember Nature has music for those who listen to it.

Let's look at nature with a new perspective - when you connect with plants you start taking care of them. With a blink of your eyes, you'll find yourself fully indulged with Humsafar (plants). Let's wrap ourselves with true love, which is often hard to find.

Let's begin a beautiful path to greater wellness with the medicinal powers of a plant.

Nature Box: Indian Borage (medicinal plant)

Leaves of Indian Borage plants is a real hero. Also known as Karpuravalli (Sanskrit). Botanical Name – Plectranthus Amboinicus. The leaves have a strong odor, are little oval, thick, soft and fleshy in nature having fine hair. It requires less care (Semi-shade & Less water) and space to grow. Smell similar to carom seed and slightly bitter in taste. Through stem cutting, we can easily propagate Indian Borage. If you are pondering to bring nature to your home, go with a medicinal plant.

Medicinal Power Of Indian Borage

Medicinal benefits of Indian borage leaves which are worth sharing. Medicinal plants are considered very safe as there are no or minimal side effects.

· Leaves of Indian Borage work wonders as a remedy for cough & sore throat. Take Freshly plucked leaves (two) into your mouth and chew on it (recommend).

· Leaves used while cooking vegetables (mummy used to do this). It adds little flavor & helps in digestion & gastric problem.

· It contains high amounts of Vitamin C, which acts as an important element in boosting the immune system.

Apart from this, it cures diseases like toothache, arthritis, osteoporosis, nasal blockage, ulcer many more (Consult your Ayurveda doctor or qualified health care professionals).

About 8000 herbal remedies had been codified in the Ministry of (AYUSH) system in India. Don't underestimate the power of medicinal plants.

Untold Story

Indian Borage leaves pakora, enrich with medicinal benefits. Monsoon season-pakora craving. It doesn't matter whether it drizzling or pouring rain. Each droplet of water is screaming out loud "come out with chai & a full plate of mouth-watering pakoras". So, whom you are waiting for? Listen to the music of nature and enjoy your romantic date.


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