Namma Bengaluru

Bengaluru is not just a city but an emotion.This place has lot to amaze you. I moved to Bangalore 2 years ago, and I can say that this place will make you fall in love with it. It has vibrant diversity, and culture. It has gardens, museums, architecture, which makes it alive.

There are so many things you will love about Bangalore.

1. The weather

Not one, not two, not three, but four different seasons you can experience in one single day. Mornings are usually cold, then by day it becomes hot, followed by rain and spring kind of weather as well. The evenings are the best with winds in rooftops with glittering city.

2. The parks

Bangalore is known to be the garden city and you can find too many parks around. Also you have cubbon park, which might take you more than hour to come out. If you own a dog or if you love dogs then cubbon park is best for you, as every sunday people come with dogs to have play dates. Further, the Lal Bagh also carries the pride of Bangalore.

3. The language

From Kannada gotthila which translate don't know kannada to nanu kannada gotthu which translates to I know kannada, I experienced a lot. The basics which you can hear often is maga used for friends, that translates to son, you have yenamma/yenappa which translates to what happend mother/father. And these are not just words but feelings.

4. The food

One question which is very common here is oota aytha, which translates to had food? People here are foody and you can have variety of foods here. They even have 99 different varieties of dosas available. They have other food like idli, Mysore vada, upma, paddu, chow-chow bath,kesari bath and my favourite, bisi bele bath. You can have plenty ho food items. Even filter coffee,or kaapi is their all time favourite.

5. The MG road

MG road is specially for shoppaholics and foodies. It is famous for cafes and street foods. MG road is always alive and is mostly filled with different kinds of people, and if you love bargaining then MG road is best place for you to go street shopping. It also has various other brand outlets and malls, so it is basically a one stop destination for for having a weekend adventure

6. The malls

Bangalore always has a nice weather and street full of people. It has many shopping malls and thus it makes malls everyone's first choice. UB city is one of the luxurious mall, the UB tower which has height 124 metre, makes it highest in Karnataka making it a must visit mall. Next is Orion mall, which has premium brands, food court, gaming zone, and best part is that it has an artificial lake. Several other malls you have like Mantri Square, Phoenix mall, Garuda mall which makes this city vibrant and alive.

7. The people

The people of Bangalore are called kannadigas, and they are very fond of their culture. They do not hesitate from showing it, and we have proof for it as they very proudly call people as "Namma Bengaluru" which translates to Our Bengaluru. Even their metro is called as Namma Bengaluru.

8. The places.

Bangalore has a bunch of places to visit. Starting with, Bannerghatta National Parks, being one of the tourist attraction and keeping bio diversity alive.

Next you have is Iskcon Temple, and Bangalore has the largest Iskcon Temple.

Moving on, we have, Bangalore Palace, currently the central attraction which was built as resemblance of Windsor palace.

For cricket lovers, Chinnaswamy stadium is best place  to visit, as almost every Indians loves cricket.

Snow city this is snow-themed park which has -5 degree temperature to experience snow and play.

Wonderla which is a water theme park. It has 61 thrilling packed rides giving us monstrous dose of adventure and thrill.

These are not the only places but are most of it.

You can call it silicon valley of India, or garden city or IT hub of India, but I prefer calling it "Namma Bengaluru".

Bangalore is completely full of surprises and will make you it's own, like it did to me.