Motivation is the key to weight loss

The benefits of exercising are widely known and people exercise for a variety of reasons:

• To enhance immunity

•To prevent or cure long-term ailments

•For better mental health

• Or simply to enhance the quality of life; much like Akki paaji.

But perhaps the most prevalent motive is to lose weight. Everybody wishes to own a fit and healthy body!

Despite this most of us find it really difficult to begin working out or to continue it for weeks and months together. How to begin, or what should be the first step, is another challenge. And here, motivation steps in to strengthen your determination.

The right kind of motivation helps you to stick to your resolve despite multiple failures or ; when you don't see the expected results. On the other hand, beginning workout for the wrong reasons will not only demoralize but also make you hate such a wonderful thing as exercise!

Thus, knowing the wrong reasons, helps you stick to the right ones. Phrases like:-

• “I want to outshine x person with a slim body next time we meet”

• “I want to exercise to escape people's taunts.”

• “I want to get rid of body shaming”

[Here, people who body shame will continue to do so no matter how you look. You shouldn't change yourself for others.]

• “People won't love me” or “I won't have good friends if I am not slim.” these are all negative affirmations.

If you notice carefully each of them has an innate negative emotion attached- fear, jealousy, insecurity and even self-reproach. So. how can you self-evolve when the foundation itself is negative!

On the other hand, such phrases:-

• “I really want to wear that dress.”

• “I want to look slim at X's wedding”

And the best ones-

• “I love myself and would like to work on my body”

• “I want to feel more confident and more comfortable in my skin”

• “I want to follow my fitness role model.”

(These) which reflect on your own self --are definitely going to work, if you believe you can do it.

Any other silly stuff that makes you feel good is also a positive boost.

Once you decide on your positive affirmation, the next step is to compliment yourself- the self you are in, right now. Yes, to love yourself is very important! Look at you. Your body is a living entity; and when you, the owner; affirm love, your body, and your determination team-up. And honestly, it might end up taking less time than what you had expected to lose weight. The right attitude will keep you away from anxiety or feeling overwhelmed. Avoid self-complaining, self- scrutinizing of present time inconsistencies. So when you are thinking any of the following, know for sure that you have lost track:-

• “It isn't happening.”

• “My weight hasn't reduced an inch.”

• “Is it working at all?!”

Most of us quit at this point. And so, you must remind yourself why you started. Remember that the choice will always be yours, and so will the results. A weak resolve will make you quit one day or the other. I say so because there are a number of roadblocks in the way too--

• Excessive body pain, post-workout

•Being unable to do strenuous exercises

•Feeling fatigued and less inclined to workout.

•Gym exercises: still out of reach

•Feeling low or unenergetic

But then, Rome wasn't built in a day; and these are ways to overcome such hurdles. We shall talk about it some other day.

As of now, whether to, exercise is easy or difficult depends on your perception of it. Though it sounds like giving false hopes, but the 'why you started' definitely prepares you for tougher things.

As a matter of fact, psychology says that it takes a minimum of 90 days for any activity to become a habit. But, honestly, good habits require continued enthusiasm, a firm decision and practice even beyond this time frame. But in any case, you are just a decision away. For all the determination, sweat, pain and sacrifice, the results are worth it. It all begins with a reason that sets your soul on fire! All the best.


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