Feminism, on circadian, is one of the greatest terms which is misunderstood by many of the folks.

As quoted in Oxford Learner's Dictionary, "Feminism is a belief and aim that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men or the struggle to achieve this aim." And feminists are those who struggle to seek this equality.

Feminists incorporate the position that societies prioritize the male point of view and women are treated unfairly in those societies. Efforts to change that include disregarding gender stereotypes and seeking to establish realms where the two sexes are treated equally.

Feminist Movement continue to campaign over areas such as to earn fare wages, equal pay and eliminate the gender pay gap, to own property, to have equal rights within marriage, to have maternity leaves and many more.

Misconceptions about Feminism

First of all, Feminism does not seek to establish a "women-dominant society". Many people have a misconception that feminists fight to prioritize their position in society. But the truth is, they fight to demolish patriarchy, male chauvinistic approches and and oppression of females by males.

Secondly, Feminism does not promote immorality among humans. Morals and values are the human traits which does not associate with any of the beliefs but with individuals.

Anybody's personal thoughts should not and cannot be synecdochise with the whole belief system.

Thirdly, Feminism is not only adopted by females! Infact every single individual who fights and struggles and promotes equality among the genders is a feminist. 

Lastly, feminism does not only stick to women rights it focuses also on topic such as "men's liberation" because men are also harmed by traditional gender roles. 

Pseudo feminism: The reason of the "DEFAME"

On one hand where every other feminist is striving to gain equality in society, some are there to misuse its privileges. Unfair and unauthenticated ways are used by them for sorting out their personal rivalries and consequences are borne by the innocents. Fake dowry cases, fake claims of domestic violence and many more are used inauthentically.

At last , nothing can change the ideology of feminism and no malpractices can justify its  main aim.

So , promote equality among genders but beware of the pseudo feminists and even worse than this, MISCONCEPTIONS!


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