Is COVID just a veil for a more dangerous gender-based pandemic?

As the world fights a common enemy, women around the globe, besides fighting COVID, are fighting for existence in a male-dominated society. The society this time is their homes. The phrase, "men for the world and women for the earth" has been transformed into "men for everywhere and women for nowhere" and we are still confused as to what is the author talking about?

Help me out as I try to understand the 20% rise in Domestic abuse of women around the world merely on the account of men staying back at homes.

Has Kluge from the WHO states:

"If lockdowns were to continue for 6 months, we would expect an extra 31 million cases of gender-based violence globally."

I find it funny as I quote this, that one of the leading humanist organizations in the world is focusing on propositions and predictions instead of looking forward to the curbing of this hierarchical superimposition of gender-based power.

The rise in domestic abuse around the globe was not enough that in our very own "MOTHER" nation, The National Commission for Women reported a rise in the cases from 30 to 69.

As I write this, I am left to wonder the number of women whose voices have been silenced, shut and made to break. Because it's easy this way, stop women from complaining about their atrocities and BOOM, the crimes committed against them stop dramatically.

What a bleak world we live in! I am afraid, in the near future, we might find a way of treating COVID. However, the plague that it has brought and propagated further in our very societies still seems incurable to me.


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