Indian smartphone market without Chinese brands

The deadlock between India and China over the eastern Ladakh and the coronavirus pandemic , has brought anti-china sentiments in India. People on social media have been vociferously asking for a boycott of Chinese Softwares, products and phones. Last week “Boycott Tik-Tok” and “Remove China Apps” were trending in India. Many also believe that they should boycott Chinese smartphone brands like XIAOMI, REALME, ONEPLUS , OPPO, VIVO, HUAWEI , INFINIX , TECHNO and MOTOROLA. If these brands are boycotted, then we would be left with brands like South Korea’s SAMSUNG and LG, Taiwanese ASUS, US-headquartered APPLE, Finland bases NOKIA/ HMD Global and Japan’s PANASONIC in the Indian market. Without any delay, this is what the Indian market looks without Chinese smartphone companies:

1)     Rs. 10,000 segment

The Chinese brands offers a lot of options in the segment under Rs.10,000 including Realme Nazro 10A , Realme C3 and Redmi Dual. These have dominated the budget-segment of India. While these are removed we are left with  non-chinese brands such as Samsung Galaxy M10’s and galaxy A10s ,Nokia 2.3, LG W30 and Panasonic Eluga Ray 610. These phones are good enough, but lack in features when compared to Xiaomi and Realme. Xiaomi and Realme has flooded the Indian market with it’s phones having great features like high RAM ,Storage ,nice front and rear camera quality and nice interface etc. which is being offered at quite a reasonable price. The non-chinese phones lacks these features.

2)     Rs. 20,000 segment

Top non-china smartphones under Rs.20,000. If you are looking for non-chinese phones under Rs.20,000 then you’ll have to give up on VFM smartphones such as POCO X2,Realme 6 series and Redmi Note 9 Pro Series. The alternatives include Samsung Galaxy M31, Galaxy M21, Nokia 7.2 and LG W30 pro.

3)     Rs. 40,000 segment

 Under this segment , the options from non-chinese increase in  number. Oneplus , Vivo ,OPPO , Realme and Xiaomi offer a lot of smartphones in the range Rs.21,000 to Rs.40,000. But even without them we have sufficient models to choose from including Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy S10 Lite ,ROG Phone 2, Nokia 9 PureView and Apple’s iPhone series.

4)     Premium segment

Under this segment, Samsung Galaxy S20 series is the top-non Chinese premium smartphones. Under this your options won’t be limited as in Rs.10,000 and Rs.20,000 segment. You can either go with iPhone 11 series or Samsung Galaxy S20 series instead of ONEPLUS 8 series and Mi10.

So, this is what the Indian Market looks like without the Chinese Brands. We would have fewer choices in the low-budget or mid-range segment. While maximum people use the XIAOMI and REALME phones because they are budget friendly as well as they have excellent features it would be difficult for them to adapt to non-chinese phones to get such features at a low budget. Morever, many of the non-chinese phones too are manufactured in China or includes raw materials imported from the country so it will be difficult to find a smartphone that is completely made outside China , without the materials being procured from the country.


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