India elected as UNSC's non- permanent member

On Wednesday, 17 June 2020 India re-entered in UNSC (United Nations Security Council) for the eighth time as it's non- permanent member for a two - year term, won 184 out of 193 votes of General Assembly. Member states elected India for the term 2021-22 with overwhelming support.

Let's Briefly know about the United Nations and it's organs :

UN is an International Organisation founded in 1945, which aims at maintaining international peace and security, enhancing friendly relations among nations and cooperation. It is currently made up of 193 member states. UN has six main organs :

General assembly, Security Council, Trusteeship Council, UN Secretariat, Economic and Social Council, International Court of Justice.

 The security council has a total of 15 members which comprise of five permanent and ten non - permanent members which are elected on regional basis in every two year term. Five permanent members include UK, US ,Russia ,France and China who have special power called 'Veto'.

Significance of India as UNSC member in upcoming time

New Delhi's Candidature was unanimously endorsed in June last year by the 55 members of Asia- Pacific grouping, including China and Pakistan. The 2021-22 term will be critical for India which has been pushing efforts to reform the Security Council and seek permanent membership of the council. External affairs minister S.Jaishankar released India's priorities for the two years UNSC term that begins from January 2021. India set to be UN's non-permanent member will bring 'Five -S' approach to the world that is:

S- Samman (respect)

S- Samvad (Dialogue)

S- Sahayog (Cooperation)

S- Shanti (Peace)

S- Samriddhi (Prosperity)

"India will become a member of the security council at a critical juncture and we are confident that in the COVID, and the post COVID world, India will continue to provide leadership and a new orientation for a reformed multilateral system, " Mr.Tirumurti said.

INDIA deserves permanent membership

India has been at the forefront of the years-long efforts to reform the security council saying it rightly deserves to be a part of the permanent membership, and it's a nation which can actually represent geo — political realities of the 21st century. India, by any objective criteria, such as population, territorial size, GDP, Civilization legacy, cultural diversity, democracy is eminently qualified for permanent membership. 

Intended Benefits

▪︎ Permanent seat in the UNSC, would provide India with the much- needed leverage to expand its geo-political and geo-economic clout globally.

▪︎ Inclusion of India into UNSC will help in transforming its status from being a responsible stakeholder along with becoming a global rule maker.

▪︎ Indian presence at the security council would ensure Indian interests are not sacrificed at the altar of great power politics.

Let's hope for a permanent membership of India in UNSC in upcoming time. 


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