Humanity - On the verge of Disaster

Humans are known to be the smartest and most evolved creatures of the world. Their existence brought up many revolutions in the society as well as in the nature. They began to expand their livelihood but gradually forgot the importance of nature. Thus, their development slowly became a catastrophe for the Mother Earth and other life forms.

Talking about the issues we are facing these days are nothing but the reactions by nature towards our limitless inhumane actions that we were committing since time immemorial.

The replies from nature began by the "Amazon forest fire", Amazon forests are known to be the lungs of earth. But in the year 2019, a huge area of forest came under fire. As a result air pollution reached at its peak and many life forms were affected. Researches estimated that human were responsible for the 99% of fire. 

Similarly, "Australian bushfire" caused significant property damage and loss of both human and animal life which further led to an imbalance in the ecosystem.

After these, the greatest pandemic after a century came that is the "Covid-19 Pandemic". It is affecting human's life and livelihood in a very fatal manner. It began from a small city Wuhan(China) and till date is spread across almost all the countries, affecting a vast population. After many attempts and experiments, till now no specific vaccine for its treatment is found. Due to which many major countries went on lockdown . And these lockdowns did something good for the nature and helped Mother Earth to heal. Thus, corona is an enemy to the mankind but a friend to nature.

"Locust attack" in Western Asian countries including India, where swarms of locusts destroyed crops and farms very adversely which as a result disrupted agricultural economy of a country.

Cyclones in India like "Amphan from Bay of Bengal" and "Nisarga from Arabian Sea" reinforced West Bengal and Orissa and Maharashtra and Gujarat respectively.These states are prone to floods during the monsoon too.

All these events are just the beginning of the outrage of nature towards us. Because even after these calamities, we humans are still mocking nature by our heinous acts to fulfill our ridiculous greeds which disturbs the ecosystem.

Therefore, we must learn to respect the existence of the nature before it's too late and nature vanishes our existence.


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