Future of clothing: Sustainable Fashion

Trending, not fad, a worth drooling style of dressing that is the most popular at a particular time is called "fashion".

In fact, it's not just about dressing, rather it's the most popular way of living.

So far we know fashion is not something which can ever die, in fact, it evolves constantly in order to meet the demands of the growing world by being stylish, tempting and also culturally mesmerizing!

The fashion industry with it's customarily changing trends contributes a major role in polluting the environment. And being one of the most important contributors to the economy, the manufacturing of all the things should be in favor to save our environment. A sustainable approach should be taken into motion to have a clear future of fashion!

It is even being predicted according to the Copenhagen Fashion summit that if sustainable development is not taking then the demand for water will increase by 50% and the demands of carbon footprints will have an increase of 2790 million tons by 2030. It also being predicted that we'll also see a major increase in fashion waste by 148 million tons.

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Sustainable development can only be possible if customers change their fashion habits.

Customized fashion is one of the best means to head towards sustainability in the fashion industry. Many customers have started ordering their customized clothes with eco-friendly raw materials which is even more tempting, stylish and unique for their personalities.

People are also now opting for second-hand clothing. They are finding it a really smart idea for choosing their "kind of fashion".

The repair and recycling of clothes are also in trends.

Many fashion brands have also initiated "sustainable fashion" in order to get heed by the customers.

So instantly change your fashion habits and choose sustainable clothing and also try to live sustainable!


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