Ethical fashion brands to go for

This Environment Day wants to go for “ethical” kinda fashion?

These fashion brands are something to pitch on:

1. Anokhi

Picture Courtesy: Anokhi

“Anokhi is distinguished by its print and sense of design, range of colors, and product quality” It uses a traditional hand block printed fabrics and garments.

The brand's print pattern uses natural dyes from the backyard making it one of the most sustainable fashion brands of India. 

2. Fabindia

Picture Courtesy: Fabindia

A Fabindia product is unique, handcrafted and sourced from a large number of skilled artisans. Mostly textiles are made with a variety of natural fibers and prints. Cotton, silk, wool, grass, linen and jute are the basic fibers used, making it a successful business model which understands the needs of the customers to remain rooted in India's craft and traditions but constantly changing with time!

3. Upasana

Picture Courtesy: Upasana

"An ethical fashion brand that design for changes"

For Upasana design is creative and problem-solving. Problems such as post-tsunami traumas, farmers suicide, garbage littering, weavers losing their jobs. In fact, they look at social issues as a space to exercise for a change. Out of many real problems, projects like Kapas, Small steps, Varanasi Weavers, Tsunamika were also born.

4. Nicobar

Picture Courtesy:Nicobar

Nicobar has launched a new range of apparel and accessories made from recycled materials. The brand makes all of its core clothing including basics from organic fibers. It has also started using recycled wool. The clothes are made of 50% recycled wool and 50% recycled acrylic, nylon and polyester. This reduces water waste and uses less energy than to produce new fabrics.

5. Brown Boy

Picture Courtesy: BrownBoy

Brown Boy has been approved by PETA for its sustainable manufacturing, and the brand continues to pursue ethical fashion by using organic cotton and fare trade practices. The brand's collection of t-shirts is made up of 100% certified organic cotton to avoid environmental harm caused by chemical dyes and production techniques.

Today's choices save tomorrow.


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