Effects of frequent and excessive use of Sanitizer

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our generation witnessed excessive use of hand sanitizers. While at least 60% or more alcohol content sanitizer is beneficial for us against this novel virus, it has its own limitations.

Let me introduce you to the downside of the frequent use of sanitizers. While it for sure kills the evil viruses and bacterial agents, it also kills our healthy and friendly community of bacteria which are very important for us to survive.

Experts say the 60-90% alcohol content has a very high characteristic smell to it which may reach the brain constantly and cause damage and increased risk of alcohol poisoning.

On the other hand, you are also providing a new way for bacteria to evolve and mutate and eventually come out stronger. Bad bacteria may develop the ability to resist the drug that otherwise should be able to kill them.

So adapting our old age way of cleaning hands with soap and water should be followed and sanitizer should be used only while during an extreme emergency where the use of soap and water is not possible.

Keep washing your hand with soap and water and stay safe.

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