Diet in a budget

We all have been through the struggles of dieting. Where on one hand having a fit body is a balance of workout and proper diet, on the other hand dieting is not everyone's cup of tea. Or in this case green tea. So, yes the idea of diet food is considered tasteless. While celebrities "what I eat in a day" video goes trending, hardly any middle class person gets their hand on Avacado, Quinoa, Almond milk and food we can't even pronounce. So here are some self experimented (turned out helpful for me) diet recipes, for all of us.

1. Potato salad

Carbs too, are necessary fo our body but to a certain amount. So, here goes the recipe:

Ingredients : 

• 1 Potato

                       • 1 Tomato

                       • 1  Egg

                       • 1 handful  Peanuts

                      • 1  Brown bread

                    •  ½ Lemon

                     • 1 tsp Vinegar,

• Salt (Acc. to your taste)

• Pepper Acc. to your taste)

Process :

Boil the potato and egg, cut the boiled potato and egg and tomato into small pieces. Crush the peanuts in the grinder evenly. Cut the brown bread into small pieces. Mix vinegar, half a lemon, salt and pepper. Take a bowl and mix all of these evenly.

Ta-da healthy breakfast ready.

2. Pepper chicken :

Ever wanted to have delicious chicken but thought otherwise because of the calories. It's time to eat healthy.


•500gms Chicken

• 2 Onions

• 6-7 cloves garlic,


•Olive Oil




Marinate the chicken with salt and olive oil. Cut the onions, garlic and ginger. Heat the pan, pour 3-4 tablespoons of oil, put 4-5 whole pepper, fry garlic, ginger and onions for 5 minutes. Then put the chicken into the pan and cook well. Put salt according to your taste.

And tasty healthy chicken ready.

3. Smoothie (with simple home ingredients):

Ingredients :

• 1 banana

• 1tbsp peanut butter

• 1cup milk

• 1 tsp chocolate powder

• Vanilla extract


Put all these in the grinder. Mix them well evenly.

And healthy summer smoothie ready.


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