Corona has changed our lives!

When Corona entered our lives, it changed upside down. From handshakes to namaste.

From being dependent on each other to being dependent on masks and sanitizer.

From eating biryani to realizing that daal-chawal is the best.

So here I list some "Corona is the new normal" stuff :

• Tees and pyjamas are our best friends now

Every morning I wake up in pyjamas, I take bath and taadaa- I am in pyjamas again. I know it's the same story for everyone else. As it has been ages wearing fancy dresses and we don't even remember the last time we dressed up and uploaded pictures with catchy captions. I guess no! But we do realise now nothing beats pyjama t-shirts.

Chai pe charcha is missed

Chai at tapri with friends is a far fetched dream now. Remember when we used to meet our squad at 6 PM and how we used to laugh out loud? "Chai pe charcha", pulling each other's leg. This made us realise how bad we miss our friends.

• Parents are our best friends now

I am spending most of my time with my family and I can say they are good people. *wink wink*

Also, maa ka hath ka khana is our saviour. This made us realise how our mothers work day in and out.

• 10 points to Face time

Video calling is the only thing we are all connected through now. Being together and partying every weekend used to be our thing. From having endless conversations to "aur batao". From clicking selfies together to now sharing face time screenshots, things have changed. From being physically present to being virtually together, times changed but our emotions remained constant.

•We all are chefs now

Remember when we used to go to "thele wale bhaiya" to eat puchkas/golgappa? But now we all are pro at making it ourselves. Not just this, but making dalgona coffee (arey haaan, pheti hui coffee), momos, paneer chilli, dahi bhalle and so many more are now our "baayen hath ka khel".

So if nothing at least we can participate in MasterChef India.

•Remember back when...

All our conversations are now remembering 'back when..'. When we could roam freely, meet our friends, could party, and dine in our favourite restaurants. Remember when we used to go to bike rides, last time we all met..? Nostalgia! * deep sighs *

• Online classes

From giving proxies to muting the class. From bunking classes and sitting in the canteen to now having breakfast in midst of online classes. Some things never change. And we do loved our school/colleges. *tears*

When we were supposed to fight over "favourite IPL team" we are fighting over "tune meri goti kyu kaati".

So, let's hope for a better tomorrow. Stay home. Stay safe.


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