Controversies and Koffee with Karan go hand in hand

Koffee with Karan undoubtedly tops the list of being the most talked-about show in the B-town. The chat show's idea was to capture candid conversations with celebrities. No doubt KJo did that very well. But along with that, the show also stirred up many spicy B-Town controversies and scandalous statements. There's either something about Mr. Johar or his coffee that even the most careful celebrities confess their deepest secrets on that dreaded couch, which they later regret.

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The recent and most scandalous one was when Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul came together to have a little chit-chat with KJo. The candidness of the cricketers had no break which ultimately resulted in Hardik making controversial statements about women. And as the consequence they were banned from two ODI matches, fined Twenty lakh Rupees each, Hardik lost some big endorsement deals and when the episode was pulled off. Hardik Pandya later said, "I did not step out of my house for nearly ten days after the Koffee with Karan controversy". His career definitely faced the repercussions.

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Let's cut the cricketers some slack for being an outsider to a B-Town show because here even the most careful A-listers of the industry did the same mistake of making controversial statements. Kareena's dig at PC's accent, Salman Khan's "I am virgin" statement, Alia Bhatt's lack of GK, Anushka Sharma's lip job, Kangana's nepotism debate, and the list goes on.

Karan's couch for sure gave rise to fame and fun but also brought an end to friendships. A lot of celebs lost their friends, some lost their career and some lost their reputation. The countless controversies stirred up trouble for celebs but it definitely made the show top the TRP charts.


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