China's Conspiracies

China has been on investment spree in neighboring countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and many more. But are these plans and projects actually viable?

Is the motive behind such projects nice?

Well, actually not. Like other projects, these projects are actually not profit-making, and hence resulting in the countries to be indebted to Beijing.

Let's take the example of China investing in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) which aims to connect the Gwadar port of Pakistan to China's northwestern region of Xinjiang. But Pakistan is known to owe China more than any other financial institutions.

China also invested in Sri Lanka, in the project, the Hambantota port. However, the port suffered the huge loss-making the repayment of debt impossible, therefore, in 2016. It was proposed to lease about 80% of the port to CM Port that is China Merchants Port holding company.

There is also a fear that after Sri Lanka, is Nepal also to be in debt trap? Nepal also joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI has already led to concerns about how project under China's flagship could create a huge debt crisis for the underdeveloped countries which will form a part of the BRI initiative. The cost of the massive project is estimated to be $1 trillion. While China claims that the initiative is a big opportunity for the regional players to revitalize their economies, there is still a fear that Nepal can be trapped in debt.

The above said, clears the strategy china is adopting to rule the world, by trapping in debts, and thus you don't have enough economy to fight with China, if it happens. China is raising a war against India, not through weapons but through the economy and by surrounding India through all the direction (neighboring countries) though.

Picture Courtesy: Twitter

It is still not late, India has a huge market of Chinese products, but we can still boycott these products, and can be "Chini Kam".


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