Bullying : Starts at Home

Most of us reading this have had an experience of being slapped or hit by an adult and generally, that too at a pretty young age. Children are known to demonstrate stubborn behavior but the consequence of that is physical abuse. What follows after that is pretty much self-explanatory. The adults infuse a sense of fear that what they are telling must be followed by the child and if the child fails to do so, the adult will punish them and cause them physical pain. 

Bullying is a complex phenomenon that is reported to be pervasive in many countries around the world. Although there is a considerable body of research on bullying, very little has been devoted to studying the perspective of the parents of children involved. 

Most of the parents fail to acknowledge the seriousness of child bullying. Understanding parents' perceptions and conceptualizations are crucial to their understanding of bullying and it undoubtedly impacts their recognition of bullying incidents and subsequent interventions.

While much attention is paid to bullying among older children, both in the media and in research. Relatively little focus has been paid to bullying in early childhood. Most of the time the brutal thrashing that the kids receive during their early childhood is justified by saying things like “We are just trying to make them disciplined”. Sometimes, the beating is so extreme that the child has to be admitted to a hospital.

Parents are constantly trying to control the life of their children but that doesn’t benefit every child. In fact, this overcontrolling behavior proves to be detrimental to the child. These children always seem sad and depressed and they have no one to resolve their issue with.

Every parent wants the betterment of their child and of course, nobody receives formal training to become a parent but there is a dire need for improvement in the parenting skills of most of the parents in the world. We should also focus on developing programs that focus on building children’s social skills as it is often considered to be one broad bullying prevention measure.

When you can do with love, why use abuse? Be it verbal or physical.


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