Black Magic : Myth or Verity?

Remember that evil witch from Hansel and Gretel who snatches children to eat ? Or is it just a bunch of hocus pocus and voodoo hoodoo? Whether you are into the fun for- all -ages- spells and curses of defence against the dark arts of 'Potter' verse or the blood spewing charms of 'The power of five'. Somewhere out there is a pointy hat ,a broomstick and the spells that will fit just right in. Are spells really real ? Can we all have access to it ?That's where it begins. Is it really a myth or verity? The word magic came in existence from time immemorial.

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History of magic

The most fascinating work that could be written would be the history of magic. Tracing the Vedas , the Atharva Veda gave descriptions of magic being practiced. History concluded its origin from old Persian Magus , a Zoroastrian astrologer priest of Medas. Egyptian literature strongly mentions sorcery and Egypt back in the era was known as magical capital of the world and Torah is the proof of it. Black magic is not inherently wicked but when we speak of dark and light, black and white we are speaking of desolation and creation.It draws on malicious powers and causes harm with its ritualistic practices.Magic comes with a price, the rule of threes by Wiccians holds a belief that "three times what thou give returns to thee." Sorry if this scares you but hexes cast to serve out misfortune is indeed existent. The idea of three fold Karma or Sanchita manifests it.The pact with death , the settlement to hell marks the deal of satanism sealed with Devil's mark.It draws no dividing line for it whether it is used to help or hinder.Links of religion and black magic is stated in Quran which contains surahs reciting protection spells, yellow shamanism rituals and traditions from buddhism and organised satanism and inquisitions by Christianity can be seen in the black mass.

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Black magic and India

Hanging a sprig of sage by the front door to cleansing rituals to protect the home,India has always been a superstitious country and has black magic prevailing its hey days and practiced by Tantrics with evil intentions.The astonishing and spooky powers of Aghoris and Nagasadhus on Manikarnika ghat sends shivers down our spine.As it is said that, "When shadows mutters , mist replies and darkness purrs the midnight sighs ,something wicked finds its way", the Nimtala ghat of Kolkata being under the spell is famous for cannibalism and sinister energy. The Kush bhadra river of Odisha has sites of skulls, bones and cloth pieces indicating the use of black magic.The highest literate state of Kerala too is infamous for such activities in Peringottukara which involves idolising dark avatar of Lord Vishnu riding buffalo.

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The magic of Mayong

Without imagination there's no fear and imagination leads to illusion.The city of Mayong itself means illusion and magic is nothing but phantasm.Mythology states in the epic Mahabharata where chief Ghattotkacha is believed to attain his magical powers from the jungles of Mayong.The creepy stories of people disappearing into thin air and men turned into animals.

The folklores of Muhammad Shah's invasion with his one lakh horsemen perishing without a trace testifies the wrath of the place.The black magic capital not only accepts magic but celebrates it .The Bez or Ojhas, the practitioners are believed to have ghosts as assistants.From palmistry to fortune telling to curing diseases and back pain with just a copper plate and mantras is a usual site.

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Black magic association is driven by revenge, hatred, passion and wishes . So be careful of what you wish for .To sum it up, the universe is full of magical verses. We have all got light and darkness inside us. It's our belief which makes us different.

"Fillet of a fenny snake , in the cauldron is boiled and baked , eyes of newt and toe of frog , wool of bat and a tongue of a dog." They are mere lines or a conjured up spell, you decide.

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