We spend most part of our income to decorate and design our homes. We keep trying out something new and pretty to keep making it better. There is no room for settlement unless you find something that speaks to your heart. Artifacts are such decorative pieces that seem to bring the authenticity of culture and history home for you.

Best to adorn your house with

Artifacts give a pretty aesthetic feel to your living space if you adorn your shelves with them. They look authentic and extremely beguiling to look at. Also, they are surely a hundred times better than all the useless plastic you buy on a daily basis. Neither do they last long nor do they look exquisite as these artifacts. The artificial flowers have no smell, the plastic statues have no story to tell. These may be cheap but then are equally meaningless as well. Artifacts are mostly made from metals like iron and are of more value. They are heavier, sturdier, and more veritable.

Some of the most fun options would be the following:

Old Gramophone: If there is one thing we absolutely love it would be music for sure. Most of us can't even live without listening to beat of our favorite songs. An old Gramophone made from rustic and authentic materials like copper, gold or iron would be a great choice to decorate your living room with. People coming to your place would instantly get the hint of the music lover within you. Even if you do not come in that category an authentic-looking Gramophone is nonetheless very classic to keep on your shelf.

Metal globe: Nothing looks more alluring than our own planet earth. This is one type of artifact that reminds us of our presence and the importance of our being. Keeping a metal globe home would be a reminder of life in us.

Wooden or metallic birds: Birds signify freedom and strength. Having These artifacts at home would bring in nothing but more and more positivity at your home.

Miniature cycle: What would be better than something that reminds us of the days of our childhood? The days when we were truly careless and free. Bicycles have been out wings that have helped us fly down the roads thinking like we are flying in the blue skies. They would be kind of souvenirs and memorandums of the innocent days.

A tiny replica of the telescope: Who has not dreamt of going beyond the stars or see what is behind the blanket of our atmosphere? We all certainly have done so. Telescope has been that one invention that has made us reach closer to our fantasies. Having one tiny replica of this magical instrument at home would always remind you that there is more to the universe than we know. And also that our problems cannot belittle us when we already know the kind of vast space we are living in.

Small human figures: There is something very welcoming and alluring about seeing the tiny versions of humans like yourself. It looks even more elaborate and ornamental when the tiny figures are holding something like musical instruments. These figures can also be dancing tribal people or women sitting in different positions with different objects in their hands or around them. Apart from human figures, you can also shop for the statue of your favorite deity.

Silver or gold ship: Ships are not merely for sailing through the ocean. Sometimes it can also help you sail through a dull room to an elegant living space. Small models of ships made from different kinds of elements have different but always an alluring aura.

Tabletop telephone: This has got to be the one absolute favorite artifact to keep at home for almost everybody. No matter if you can use it or not but there is something about these masterpieces that you just want to possess in one form or another.

Hourglass: Time is what runs us and to keep a reminder of that at home would keep us going. Hourglasses have been a popular choice as a decorative piece for people for hundreds of years now. It may or may not be functioning but it performs its major purpose pretty well. It reminds us of the constructive and destructive power of time and that we should never take any second lightly.

Others: Other artifacts or such decorative articles would be random things like a metal leaf or wooden tower or even the replica of a hand.


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