For the fast-growing world with technology booming, the bots are not an exception. From the perspective of science, mobile bots or mobots are capable of locomotion which are also treated as the most significant characteristic in a robot. Automated guide carts and vehicles (AGC and AGV) are in use for a long time which is considered to be primitive or conventional due to their dependency on infrastructure.

Mobots are mainly deployed in the commercial and industrial settings, Military, domestic purposes, and medical areas to minimize human interventions up to an optimised level.


Automation demands are ever-growing due to their fewer errors, low maintenance possibilities. Statistics show it clearly.

Loup Ventures research suggests a spike in the robotics industry of about 175% this decade and a 50% increase in medical and healthcare services.

Whereas Foxconn, one of the leading industries in electronics and manufacturing in the world has reportedly converted 60,000 jobs into automated ones.


The major innovation in mobile robotics has surpassed repeated tasks like locomotion, payloads lifting. With technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing the industry has almost disrupted in a way never before.

From just being able to transport goods in linear trajectory , the user requirements and market supply had reached a whole new level of innovation with never-ending scopes.

Artificial intelligence is now able to directly fetch information from the user's brain and make the bots function accordingly which still sounds like magic but is true.

Just like SOPHIA the best human creation in the field of robotics, there are countries like China, Germany, Japan which are leading the robotics industries with unbelievable inventions. From the minimization in the size of electronics to human cloning is a whole new level of science fiction coming true. This decade is very important and we might end up expecting mobile bots completely autonomous in a factory, on Moon, or running a bank or operating on humans without human intervention.


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