A huge crisis awaits Bihar

The First case of COVID 19 in Bihar was reported on 22nd March 2020 and as on 24th May , 2511 positive cases were confirmed in the state witnessing exponential rise in the number of cases and a steady low rate of testing which stands at 2500 per day with total tests done 61220 (as per the data released by Bihar government on 23.05.20) that makes Bihar one of the lowest testing states given the huge migrant influx from red zones like Delhi and Maharastra.

The Government is expecting the arrival of more than 20 lakhs migrant in the state and around 10 lakhs have already arrived.

Around 1200 migrants have tested positive but the number of migrants being tested is only around 15 thousand out of 10 lakhs who returned .

The fragile health infrastructure of the state is not in a condition to bear the brunt of corona crisis as it has neither the testing capacity nor required medical infrastructure as Bihar has the lowest number of doctors and hospital beds in the country.

Even the recent development of changing the rule of institutional Quarantine to be limited to only 11 districts underline the Vulnerable Helath Infrastructure of the State which can't bear the huge inflow of Migrants.

In this time of crisis national media had certainly overlooked the ground reality of this poor state, which is currently at the highest risk of both witnessing the socio-economic crisis from the migrant influx and health pandemic because of COVID-19.

The real challenge lies ahead for Bihar which has a population Density of around 1106 person per sq km but has only 50% of the sub-health centres, 60% of the primary health centres, and 9% of the community health centres required by the national supply-to-population standards.

Also, of the thirteen deaths reported so far, positive report of the seven deceased came after their death.


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