A guide for the Quarantined Summer Girl

Raise your hand if you had big plans for summer. Raise your hand if you feel like this pandemic spoiled half of it, in a snap of its fingers Thanos style. Not only, we missed out on a lovely spring- caged in our houses, we lost the agile lifestyle that we were so used to.

The stagnation that comes along a lockdown such as witnessed is depressing, and if you are anything like me― a sucker for summer and lovely outside, walking in grass, you'd be rebelling to get out and succumb to the sunny environs. But if your mom is anything like mine, you must be settling within writing about the grass and the meadows and the sun. * singing Olaf's summer song *

It is summertime not bummer time. So, Here's a list of fun activities you can afford this summer and make this quarantine worth a while.


Health is wealth and food is mood. Considering the nutritional requirements in keeping with the summer aesthetics, here is what you are missing in your menu―

A fruit platter ― Bring summer into your plate― Mangoes, Oranges, Watermelon, Pineapple, Kiwi and pretty much any fruit high in Vitamin A and C. All you need is a colourful plate that keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Make yourself a Fruit salad, put it in the side of your Smoothie. Hmm...

Smoothies are a classic and not half as bad as coke or soda. It's quick, easy to make and super fulfilling. Put a combination of fruits in a blender, pour some milk of your choice and you will end up with a smoothie (of course do not forget to sweeten it).

If you are still lacking that surge of energy to make a smoothie, then make a Lemonade, because what else is summer for if not for some fresh squeezed Lemon juice. Pour it in a mason jar, make it all fancy, neat or on rocks- your call. Now if that is not easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, I don't know what is.

Self care

Tropical countries as ours face difficult summers, wherever you are from, the heat is definitely scorching and sometimes tolling on your skin too. Lucky, we are not going to face the extremities this time as much as we had if only we were free to go out. You can take this time to rejuvenate all the burn and damage you had done to that beautiful skin of yours while stuck in a busy schedule previously.

Take a day or two for spa, get your favourite face masks and body scrub, throw on some PJs you don't care about, plug into some great captivating 

Music hint : Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles.

Do a hair mask, get all scented up in citrusy fragrance, paint those toe nails in the colour of the sunset. And then if you think you're not going out and nobody cares, Yes that's right! Nobody cares because it is your body, so you care and you love it. Self care has always been about you, quarantine or no quarantine.

Home Decor

If you are not obsessed with your house, you are doing it wrong. Although there is no manual for home decor, you can totally freestyle and fall in love with it. But if you are not yet, worry not.

Being an indoor person myself, I have learnt one thing― there is always an indoor version of it, which you like a little more than the actual one. Although summer was not one of those things, It taught me that you can always bring a little of outside, indoors. Don't want to go out for shopping, shop online! Don't want to go out for movies, smuggle from Torrent! Not ot a total fan of indoor summers, but it definitely elevated my space from nothing to a good summer bedroom.

Get some easy bottle plants for your room, your window sills were meant for that. It's green, natural and well OXYGEN!

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Light curtains, wind chimes, fairy lights whatever is your vibe. Bohemian beach wanderer is my go to, but don't be afraid to mix and match, try summer tone covers and pillows that go with the walls, or you know just be creative and try on new things. Just don't offend your mom by using one of the bedsheets to make a wall tapestry and then ruining it all, the 

bedsheet as well as the wall.

Not to report my bipolarity, but I do love outdoors at times as well. So what I learnt is called a threshold living a foot indoors, another outdoors, It develops in you if you ever lived in an apartment building, The balcony is all the outdoors you have. So you are forced to practice this indoor-outdoor living. Apparently it is a big trend out in the world, so my balcony friends, we are safe from pointing fingers. In the beginning of this long neverending lockdown, I did a 'great deal of work' in making a make shift patio in my balcony with compact furnitures and pillows. Many of you might already have done this, but if you haven't and you love sunrise, sunsets and the fresh air as you eat your breakfast. There you go!


This time of year, when many of us are too tempted to buy summer dresses and tank tops to start summer with. Is that a right thing to do in these circumstances when you are going nowhere that fancy? Of course it is the right thing (Especially when shopping is online!). You do not think about shopping that much. Because if you do too seriously, then there's always a good reason not to buy something. And if you are not about this whole retail therapy, it is okay. You are doing so well sweetie! sobs and claps

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

The quarantine trend has basically been all your rag clothes paired with a certain degree of nice pieces to cover up the disappointing piece. So you want to buy something between fancy and Pajamas. Good luck!

Since you never had time to explore that much, check out the seasonal sales at your favorite shopping sites, compare prices, get your favorite deals, get the experiment wardrobe you always wanted to try. Do a Try-On haul and maybe a runway show.

Yes, on the surface a lot of these ideas seem too far fetched but I suppose, this summer, the quarantine version is more about not losing your mind over the seasonal depression than enjoying the sun and breeze. It is definitely a downgrade from what are we used to for the month of June, but then isn't the whole 2020 is a too far fetched concept as well? I say you make your version of Quarantine summer, and let people know that it is indeed the small mundane activities that we need ourselves to preoccupy with in order to resist the chaos from invading our minds. So, nothing rains on our parade, because it's Summer!


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