5 Deadliest Snakes In The World

Since ancient times human beings have been afraid of snakes. And you can’t really blame them. Snakes look dangerous, they hiss at you, slither around undetected and a bite from the venomous snakes can cause a painful death. While most of the snakes in this world are quite harmless and won’t really bite you, some of the snakes are extremely deadly. So in order to strike up your fear, here is a list of the most deadly snakes.

5. Saw Scaled Vipers

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The Saw Scaled Vipers are nocturnal snakes. They are mostly found in the Middle Eastern regions. They are usually very hyperactive and the reason for them being so deadly is that they are extremely quick. Their agility is their best asset and that’s what is so frightening. Their venom isn’t as powerful as the rest of the deadly snakes, but you need medical attention within an hour or two if you want to live another day.

4. Philippines Cobra

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As the name suggests, this particular snake hails from the Philippines. The cobra is often considered as the most dangerous type of snake. Why? It is because of their venom. The cobra can spit their venom to a range of about 3 meters. So even if you are running from it, it can still hit you. You need to get an antidote in the next 30 minutes otherwise you will die a slow painful death. The best way to identify the cobras is by their wide collars.

3. Rattlesnake

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The rattlesnakes are easily identifiable due to their heavy bodies and diamond-shaped heads. Their tails are constantly shaking and it makes a rattling noise as it shivers and that’s how it got its name. The Rattlesnakes breed during the springtime and is considered as a recently evolved species. They are extremely fast and can attack their prey in five-tenths of a second. Yes, you won’t even see it coming!

2. King Cobra

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Bow down to the king of snakes! Without a shadow of a doubt, the King Cobra is the most deadly snake in the world. This particular snake can grow to over 18 feet in length. And when it attacks its prey, it can stand on one-third of its length. If you actually imagine this, then the sight is pretty scary. King Cobras are the only kind of snakes that builds their own nests. A single bite of the King Cobra contains enough poison to kill 20 people or one single elephant!

1. Inland Taipan

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While King Cobra is always ready to battle, the Inland Taipan tends to stay away from human contact. There have been rare reports of humans suffering from Inland Taipan attacks. However, the reason this particular snake is on this list is because of the power of its venom. The Inland Taipan must have the most deadly venom of all snakes. It’s one single bite is powerful enough to kill 100 people! While it does avoid human contact, it is better to run in the opposite direction if you ever encountered it.


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