About Us

TDI Entertainments founded in 2020 is an Internet media company. A venture by Vanilla people providing some astonishing things at your fingertips. 
We can be what you want us to be, a guide, a friend even a confidant. Whether you want to be updated with the world's happening or want to learn to cook something lip-smacking. We provide you written as well as visual content.
Our content varies from shareable listicles and news to compelling memes across all the social media platforms. From blogs on everyday fashion to exercise tips to keep you fit, from sports to skincare regimes, whether you need some suggestions on what to watch next or want to explore the latest discoveries in science and technology. We got you covered. You will get your daily dose of fashion, beauty, relationship entertainment, sports, current affairs all at one stop. Our super-talented creative content team with 30 + members makes sure you are never disappointed.

We would conclude by saying that even if the whole world is waiting to weigh you down, but you, my dear friend are born to fly. So, break all the shackles and just fly.
Fly high. That's what we believe in and preach!